Stella Carruthers


STR 14
DEX 15
INT 18
CON 14
APP 16
POW 16
SIZ 13
EDU 19

Idea 790
Luck 80
Know 895

SAN 680
MP 16
HP 14

99 – Cthulhu Mythos – 0
Damage Bonus – +1 D4

40 Drawing
45 Conceal
31 Pottery
65 Credit Rating
40 Fast Talk
60 Library Use
45 Listen
31 Locksmith
65 Navigate
60 Other Language-Latin
70 Persuade
60 Ride
55 Spot Hidden
75 Handgun


Stella Carruthers (nee VanDyke) is from a very old family in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally shipbuilders, they diversified into merchant activities. They have slowly been losing money for a century or more, although Stella is still a member of true society. Her great-grand uncle leads another branch of the family who split off from her great-grandfather following a mysterious quarrel. She has almost no contact with that branch who live outside of Boston, but who are said to be much richer although much more retiring.

Stella married Fitzwilliam Carruthers in 1919 at the age of 23. Although Carruthers is from humble origins he made a fortune during the Great War and his career has accelerated dramatically since. He has wide interests, including in railroads, real estate and munitions.

Stella Carruthers

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