Carl Baker

Boston PD Officer



STR 12
DEX 12
INT 13
CON 14
POW 17
SIZ 14
EDU 15

Idea 65
Luck 85
Know 75

SAN 85
MP 17
HP 14

99 – Cthulhu Mythos – 0
Damage Bonus – +1d4

Uniformed Police Officer

Uniformed police are employed by cities and towns, by
county sheriff’s department, and state police forces as well.
The job may be on foot, behind the wheel of a patrol car, or
even sitting at a desk. Most urban officers, however, walk
foot patrol—a beat—either alone or in pairs. Police forces
are organized along military lines including ranks of
sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and chief, among others.
The pay being what it is, many officers work part time as
uniformed security guards, or as plainclothes bodyguards. In
either case, they are allowed to wear their uniforms.

EARNINGS: Lower Middle class to Middle class.

local shopkeeps, street scene, possibly organized crime.
SKILLS: Club, Drive Automobile, Firearms, Fist/Punch,
Grapple, Kick, Law, Persuade, Track.

SPECIAL: +1 to STR and to SIZ. Add 50 bonus points to
any weapon or melee skill. Officers on the street are used
to a certain level of violence and murder scenes or the sight
of gross injuries are unlikely to result in sanity losses.


45 Bargain
45 Climb
30 Credit Rating
40 Dodge
40 Drive Auto
45 Fast Talk
30 Jump
30 Law
35 Library Use
40 Listen
45 Locksmith
55 Own Language
65 Persuade
20 Photography
60 Psychology
60 Spot Hidden

70 Handgun
55 Rifle
40 Club
30 Knife


Carl Baker

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