John Saxon

Anywhere you go, there You are.



STR 12
DEX 12
INT 14
CON 12
APP 11
POW 12
SIZ 12
EDU 16

Idea 70
Luck 60
Know 80

SAN 60
MP 12
HP 12

99 – Cthulhu Mythos – 0
Damage Bonus – 0


55 Bargain
25 Conceal
40 Dodge
30 Drive Auto
35 Electr. Repair
55 Fast Talk
50 Hide
60 Listen
40 Locksmith
75 Own Language
20 German
30 Persuade
55 Psychology
55 Sneak
35 Spot Hidden

40 Knife
50 Handgun


John Saxon was a professor at Stansford University. In the winter of 1917, he was pulled by the Radio Intelligence Service of the US Army to analyze Mexican / German intel communications.

After discovering a strange message with horrifying implications, he woke up in a barn on a farm near Springfield, MI. Disoriented and suffering from amnesia, he stole some clothes, and later realized that 2 years have passed since his last memory of discovering that strange message.

John began wandering the mid-west, slowly regaining his strength and surviving on his keen intellect and ability to understand and gain the confidence of strangers. He boarded a train to Boston to escape the insanity of his experiences.


John Saxon wears durable clothes that do not attract him undue attention. During his travels after Michigan, he acquired the clothes he was accustomed to wearing as an academic. Until his arrival in Boston, his only clothing is what he can wear, as his travel bag is used for other items.

1 fedora
1 overcoat
1 suit
2 shirt
1 pair work pants
1 pair shoes
1 belt
2 set underclothes
1 pair gloves
1 pocket watch
1 large pocket knife
1 .38 revolver
20 cigarettes
1 lighter
1 fountain pen
1 writing tablet

1 travel bag / attache
1 flashlight
1 ink bottle
100 .38 cartridges
1 screwdriver (flat-head of course)
1 wire cutters
Small spool of wire 10’

John Saxon

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